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Crochet Braids 

Price depends on a number of variables. Please call for details. 

Pre-Braided or Pre-Twisted Styles

Machine braided/twisted synthetic hair is interwoven, by hand using a crochet hook, into your natural hair that is braided into cornrows.

Starting at $85


Loose Bulk or Braiding Hair

Synthetic or human loose bulk/braiding or human hair is interwoven, by hand using a crochet hook, into your natural hair that is braided into cornrows.

Starting at $100


Crochet Individuals/Singles

Synthetic or human loose bulk/braiding hair is interwoven, by hand using a crochet hook, into your natural hair that is braided into cornrows, then hand braided or twisted.

Starting at $150


Vixen Crochet Braids

More flexible than regular crochet braids, synthetic or human loose bulk/braiding hair, matching your natural hair texture, is interwoven into 4 different sections of cornrows surrounding an inch of natural hair all around. With this braid pattern you have the choice to wear your hair in a ponytail, bun, half-up/half-down, in two pig tails on each side, or a center part. Natural hair needs to be pony tail length to achieve this look.

$Starting at $85

Single Braids/Twists & Corn Rows/Natural Hair

Price depends on thickness and length of natural hair; size and length of braid or twist.


Two strand twists using synthetic hair that's either braided or twisted down from the scalp to a desired length with straight or curly ends.

Starting at $135


Senegalese Twist, Havana Twist, Kinky Twist, Marley Twist, 



3 strands single braids using synthetic or human hair that's braided down  from the scalp to a desired length with straight or curly ends. (Maybe referred to as box braids)

Starting at $135


Individuals/Box Braids, Yarn Braids, Kinky/Marley Braids


Corn Rows

3 strand braids using synthetic hair is braided close to the scalp in rows going straight back, into a multi-directional design, or a combination of cornrows and individual braids.

Starting at $50


Natural Hair

Twists, single braids, or cornrows using natural hair only

Starting at $50


 2 strand twist, 3 strand twist, cornrows, individual 3 strand braids


Other Services

Price may depend on level of detail requested.

Crochet Braid Touch Up

New hair is filled in around the edges of an existing crochet braid style or old hair is removed and new hair is added to temporarily extend the life of the style.

Starting at 15

Crochet Braid Take Down

Crochet braids are cut out and removed. Then cornrows are unraveled using a penetrating conditioner or oil to moisturize, detangle, and reduce breakage/shedding. 



Cut/Trim (Natural Hair)

Relaxed hair is cut down or cut out for those transitioning to natural or ends are trimmed as part of ongoing maintenance of natural hair.

Starting at $10


Crochet Braid Second Look (within 7 days of install)

There is a window in which crochet braids have to fall or settle into the desired style, usually within a day or two of installation. If the style settles in a manner you are not pleased with, you can return to have the current style adjusted. (Restrictions Apply)




One-on-One consultation to assist with identifying a preferred crochet braid style. Includes assessment of natural hair, review of crochet braid looks and styles, review of bulk/braiding hair options, styling products, and, if necessary, ordering bulk/braiding hair.



Local Beauty Supply Stores**

Online Beauty Supply Stores**

Pick-up Bulk/Braiding, or Pre-Braided/Twisted hair from your local beauty supply store. Each store below carries different styles of bulk /braiding hair. Please call to make sure the hair you want is sold there before going. Ask for bulk hair, braiding hair,  or pre-braided hair.

Sams Beauty Supply 


National City

Spring Valley

Chula Vista

Beauty Supply Warehouse

SanDiego (S. East)

SanDiego (College)

SanDiego (N. Park)

Ok Beauty Supply Store


Bens Wigs

National City


6425  University Ave.

1029 Highland Ave.

523 Sweet Water Rd.

1215 Broadway 


212 Euclid Ave. 

2901 Univeristy Ave.

6075 University Ave. 


#321 5911 Univesity Ave.


1210 E Plaza Blvd #401














Order Bulk , Braid, or Pre-Braided hair from any of the Online Beauty Supply Stores listed below. Please order hair a week in advance of appointment to ensure timely delivery. Look for the "Braid" or "Braiding Hair" section.


BlackHair Spray












Eon Hair

**Creative Crochet Braids is not affiliated with any of the above beauty supply stores whether online or local. This information is a list of known resources for bulk/braiding hair compiled by Creative Crochet Braids as a courtesy to anyone who desires to use it.  This list does not reflect all local and online beauty supply resources, therefore you are free to use the  resources that are known to you to complete your purchase.   If you have questions about an online order you submitted as a result of using this list,  (i.e., shipping or payment) please contact the merchant directly to resolve the matter. 


This list is subject to change as more local and online resources become available.

Other Services

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