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Crochet Braids

What Are Crochet Braids?

Crochet braids are a form of protective hairstyling typically worn by black women. Just like weaves (sew-in), individual braids, or cornrows, crochet braids are meant to give natural hair rest from daily manipulation. Crochet braids are a complete protective hairstyle so there is no natural hair exposed. The natural hair is braided into cornrows using the stylist's braid pattern of choice. Next, pieces of bulk (human or synthetic [including pre-braided or pre-twisted]) hair is strategically added by pulling it underneath different sections of the cornrows with a crochet hook until the desired style is achieved.

Why Women Choose Crochet Braids?

  • Transition from relaxed to natural hair

  • Style Versatility

  • Color Versatility

  • New hairstyle with no commitment

  • Cost Effective

  • Adds volume to thin hair

  • Complete Protective Hairstyle (no natural hair exposed)

  • Does not require  heat of any kind

  • Don't prefer individual braids or weaves

  • Has a natural look

  • Protects hair from environmental conditions

Benefits of Crochet Braids

  • Less stress on the hair shaft and the edges of natural hair

  • Endless styling options available

  • Easily able to refresh styles without getting hair  completely redone

  • Long term protective style

  • The older crochet braids get the better they look

  • Scalp is left exposed to breathe, cleanse, and moisturize

  • Possible increase in length of natural hair

  • Saves time in daily hair routine

  • Easily correct or adjust appeareance of style

"My journey with crochet braids started when I wanted to transition from relaxed to natural hair about two (2) years ago. I'd just learned that crochet braids were making a come back with some really cool styles so I decided to give them a try. I opted to get a crochet braid style that was similar to my natural hair in appearance and texture - FreeTress Water Wave. I was not only pleased with the results, but with the time and energy I saved managing my natural hair in the morning before work.  I have a very busy school, work, and social schedule; crochet braids gave me the freedom to just get up and go with a beautiful hairstyle all ready in place.  An added benefit to wearing crochet braids, was the hair growth I acheived by givng my natural hair rest from heat and daily styling. Recently I dedicided to go get my hair pressed to see how much hair growth I acheived. I was pleasently surprised with the results (see picture on right). ~ Mia Heffner

A Creative Crochet Braid Story

An unexpexted enefit of wearing Crochet Braids

Photo taken 06/07/14


Crochet Braid FAQs



Maintenance/Take Down

Crochet Braid Style Inspirations

Natural Hairstyles

Crochet Braid Hairstyles

Other Protective Hairstyles

**Explore other protective hairstyles to inspire a crochet braid hairstyle that fits your style and personality. Click on the images below to get inspired. Once you've chosen a style, find the bulk/braiding hair that matches or closely matches (if inspired from a natural style) the chosen style.

Crochet Braid Inspiration

**Note: Creative Crochet Braids does not claim credit for any of the above hairstyles nor claim to be able to create "exactly" the same look provided herein. The above looks, as well as the looks within the links herein, are courtesy of Pinterest, and are included as visual aids to assist those having difficulty choosing a particular style, curl pattern, or volume of a style with their unique features. 

Crochet Braid Maintenance & Take Down Process

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