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Hello! My name is Denise, Protective Hairstylist of Creative Crochet Braids. I have almost 25 years of experience braiding hair of various thicknesses, lengths, and textures. For the last 15 years I've regularly installed crochet braids on myself, family and close friends. The experience earned during this time allowed me to gain a significant amount of practical knowledge in crochet braiding techniques, installation, styling, and maintenance. With my crochet braiding skills enhanced, I started getting requests from extended family, friends, business associates, and strangers to style their hair.  The increase in interest,  along with a change in my professional career, led me to form Creative Crochet Braids, a home based protective hairstyling service.


About Creative Crochet Braids

Creative Crochet Braids,  specializing in Crochet Braids, is a protective hairstyling  service in San Diego, CA for women who want to:  incorporate a "no-maintenance"  or "low-maintenance" hair perservation and growing strategy into their overall haircare regimen, protect their natural hair from common self-imposed or environmental stressors that keep it from reaching it greatest potential, or who desire to experience the benefits and styling versatility not easily achieved with other forms of protective hairstyles.

Creative Crochet Braids Vision

My vision at Creative Crochet Braids is to be recognized  for quality crochet braiding services and artistry by creating  "natural looks" that appeal to the style, personality, and  character of each client . I desire to educate my clients on the  fundamental principles  of protective hairstyling  for black hair and provide knowledge and guidance  about natural hair health, while in  or out of a protective hairstyle, in order to  achieve optimal hair growth and vitality.


Creative Crochet Braids Mission

My mission at Creative Crochet Braids is to create a pleasurable experience  for my clients by providing a relaxing, positive, and tranquil environment. I am dedicated to reimagining crochet braid hairstyles based on the unique needs of my client. Furthermore, I'm commited to  performing at the highest standards while continually striving to improve in technique and knowledge of protective hairstyling so the quality of my service reflects in the confidence radiating from each client after service. 


Denise's Looks

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